What is the best IT asset disposal procedure?

Proper disposal of IT assets is essential for any organization, and the following procedure can be adopted to achieve that:

Develop a disposal policy: A well-defined policy is necessary for IT asset disposal. It should cover aspects like asset types, disposal methods, and data security measures.

Identify the assets to be disposed of: A list of assets that need to be disposed of should be prepared. This inventory should include details such as asset type, serial number, and location.

Erase or destroy data: It’s crucial to ensure that all data on the IT asset is wiped out or destroyed as per the company’s data security policies. This can be done using software tools or physically destroying the hard drive. Deciding to use ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) company’s services will likely come with data erasure procedures as standard.

Choose a disposal method: The IT asset can be sold, donated, recycled, or disposed of. The chosen method should be in accordance with the company’s disposal policy.

Implement the disposal: Implement the chosen method of disposal following the company’s disposal policy. It’s recommended to use certified and reputable vendors to handle the disposal of the IT asset.

Update the asset register: Once the disposal is done, update the asset register to reflect the removal of the asset from the balance sheet.

Obtain a certificate of disposal: Get a certificate of disposal from the disposal vendor as proof of following the company’s disposal policy.

By following these steps, an organization can ensure that their IT assets are disposed of securely, efficiently, and in an environmentally friendly manner.


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