When is it time to refresh your company’s IT?

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Well not always.

Assets like PCs and laptops now have a useful life for several years or more, but when it comes to your organization’s technology, letting machines run until breaking point could be risky and costly. At Bloomtree we’re big advocates for reusing, repairing and repurposing IT, although it still pays to be vigilant of signs it’s time for an upgrade.

If your machines aren’t meeting performance demands of new software or aren’t receiving vital upgrades such as security patches, or if your employees are installing unapproved applications to get what they need, or even if you just feel you’re experiencing too much downtime, it could be time to look at your upgrade options.

Keep in mind a tech refresh does not have to be old for new. Refurbed systems (especially with warranty) can be a powerful cost-effective solution for your organization’s asset needs. Many certified refurbished assets are guaranteed, come “like new”, and at a fraction of the price. What’s more, you’d be doing the environment a service and contributing to the circular economy.

The more strategic your organization is with their IT refresh, the more they stand to gain. Not only do well-timed replacements help avoid leaks in your company, you are much more likely to get more value back for your used equipment. Secondary markets will pay well for ex-corporate assets that can be refurbished and remarketed for individual use.

If you’ve noticed any warning signs that your organization has sat too long on its existing hardware, it may be time to upgrade!

Bloomtree can help with your next IT refresh and ensure your team isn’t incurring any hidden costs associated with outdated technology.


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